Our Game

The Wild & Vast

At Rooshoek you will find a vast variety of wildlife, with our Buffalo being the pride and joy of our species.

Over the years we have selected animals for our breeding herds on different merits such as horn length and shape, body types, parental genetics and physical attributes. All our game are adapted to the Western Cape climate.

We aim to manage our breeding animals in a manner that generates the least amount of stress because - as in people - stress has an adverse effect on wild animals. We have never used a helicopter to dart animals and we always encourage passive capturing and movement of the game.


Our Game

About our Buffalo

Over the years our buffalo was selected from different breeders all over South Africa, based on our preferences towards different attributes of the animals. Our aim is to breed the best quality animals. Currently our bench mark for our cows’ horn spread is 32” RW.

Rooshoek’s stud started with 44 buffalo that were moved from Limpopo in 2015. Today we have more than 100 buffalo; all adapted to the climate of the Western Cape.

Our breeding bull at the moment is Bertus 46,5/8”

About our Sable Antelope

Our Sable antelope is a mix of Zambian and Southern bloodlines, with some pure Zambian animals. Our last breeding bull’s longest horn measures over 50”.

We also collaborate with other Game Farmers such as Western Cape Game Breeders on Sable breeding projects where we share not only genetics but also knowledge.

About our Livingstone Eland

The Eland we have on Rooshoek are well adapted to the climate of the Western Cape. This is quite an accomplishment, since most of the original herd animals come from the warm Limpopo bushveld and some others from the colder highveld of Mpumalanga.

On the photos you will see the majestic breeding bull, Meneer, which we are very proud of.

About our Oryx

Our breeding herd of oryx consists of cows that all measure 40” RW and upwards, with a bull also measuring 40”+ RW.

These animals were selected from breeders across the country, and the herd has grown over the years with great success in the Western Cape.

About our Springbok

The springbok at Rooshoek is a joy to watch, but there are so many, it is sometimes hard to count them! Well adapted to the Western Cape our breeding stock is made up of ewes with horns measuring between 10” and 14” and the rams horns measuring between 17” and 18”.

The genetics of these animals are annually available, when we catch them with a passive net.