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Welcome to RoosHoek Farm

A Hidden Gem

An Unforgettable Experience

Rooshoek is a scenic hour’s drive from Cape Town.

The farm is nested at the foot of the Green Mountain (Groenberg), outside the picturesque town of Wellington, also known as ‘the heart of the Cape winelands’. Groenberg is believed to be an extinct volcano, of which the decomposed granite contributes to the fertile soil in the valley where grapes, olive trees and game abound. From the Old Cape Dutch homestead (dated 1811), the majestic Hawequa and Lemiet mountains can be seen. True to its name, sunset at Rooshoek is a breathtaking experience.

If you are interested in wildlife, you will love seeing our buffalo, antelope, feral pigs and other animals in their natural habitat. The farm also forms part of the Renonsterveld Conservancy, therefore all nature lovers will fall in love with our wide variety of birds and fynbos.


The Vast & Wild

Over the years we have selected animals for our breeding herds on different merits such as horn length and shape, body types, parental genetics and physical attributes. All our game are adapted to the Western Cape climate.

We aim to manage our breeding animals in a manner that generates the least amount of stress because - as in people - stress has an adverse effect on wild animals. We have never used a helicopter to dart animals and we always encourage passive capturing and movement of the game.


Proud Supporters Of Cape Epic

Rooshoek is a proud contributor to making the Cape Epic route a success over the years.




We invite you to come and experience our world



Picnic up in the mountains or at the river under the old oak trees



Rooshoek will take your breath away



Olive oil available in elegant 500 and 750 ml bottles